Shoppers finding empty shelves at store due to supply issues

If you’re noticing more empty shelves at stores lately, you’re not alone.

Across the country and in Central Florida, shoppers are feeling the effects of supply chain issues. Some shoppers tell FOX 35 News they’re concerned about the lack of goods, but they’re even more worried about prices going up.

"Paper towels, toilet paper," said Stephanie Perez. "I’m like, ‘There’s still a shortage?’ I mean there’s a lot of empty spaces."

FOX 35 checked several stores in the area. A sign at a Publix in Orlando warns shoppers about supply chain issues. At an Orlando Walmart, there were several empty shelves. It was the same inside a Publix in Sanford. The aisle for drinks was pretty dry, and the pasta was picked over.

For those who have found what they’re looking for, they noticed higher prices.

"I’ve noticed the prices are going up," said Russel VanZilen outside a Winn-Dixie in Lake Mary. "We just grabbed a couple of things, and it seemed kind of steep."

It’s not just groceries that are getting more expensive, it’s the price of cars, gas, and furniture.

The latest report from the department of labor shows inflation is up 7% from 2020. Economists believe the pandemic is mostly to blame.

The economy bounced back, partially because of federal stimulus money. When businesses reopened demand outpaced supply. Shoppers say they’re worried it could get worse.

"It’s definitely something to be concerned about, and I’m sure we’ve all thought about that being a possibility," said Stephanie Perez.

If high prices and stock shortages continue, the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates, which could slow down consumer demand.

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