Ships to depart Port Canaveral for sea ahead of Dorian

Preparations are underway at Port Canaveral, as Hurricane Dorian is predicted to sweep along Florida's east coast early next week.

The cruise ships currently at the port are expected to head out to sea and outrun the storm. Each ship could have anywhere between 3,000 to 4500 people on board. Officials are getting close to closing down the port and evacuating all personal as Dorian looms. On Saturday night, the second busiest port in the world will be all quiet. 

"The port will be under the control of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office and the Canaveral Fire Rescue, who will be the first responders to come back in when it is time to open the port," said Port Director Capt.John W. Murray.

The U.S. Coast Guard based out of Port Canaveral is readying their fleet for the storm. A coast guard official asked the public who might be making plans for the holiday weekend to cancel them and prepare for the hurricane.