38 warrants in Volusia County fentanyl, meth trafficking ring: Deputies

Several warrants have been issued in what Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood called one of the largest drug bust operations in which he has ever participated.

In the early morning hours on Thursday, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office executed five search warrants in connection to an alleged drug trafficking ring. Chitwood said the investigation has been in the works since October last year.

"This is all about overdose deaths. This is all about this poison hitting our streets in the community," he said.

A total of 38 arrest warrants have been issued for possession, manufacturing, and delivery of drugs. At least four people were hauled off in handcuffs on Thursday morning.

"These aren't people who are drug users selling for their habit. These are people who are out there peddling large quantities," he said. "We're not going to have it."

Chitwood says since the operation began, they’ve recovered 30 pounds of crystal meth. Investigators believe the drugs are coming from Mexico.

"They're selling stuff that's going to destroy somebody's life," Chitwood said. "You think they care? They don't care a little bit about it."

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Photo shows scene of Volusia County drug bust

The department partnered with the FBI and FDLE to carry out the bust. A FOX 35 News crew followed behind as the teams drove from location to location, carrying out the warrants. 

In one of the searched homes, located on Essex Road in Daytona Beach, deputies located 75 grams of fentanyl inside a diaper.  

Volusia Councilman Matt Reinhart tagged along to spectate the mission. He lost his brother to a fentanyl overdose just over a year ago.

"This is why it's near and dear to my heart," he said. "[it's] so vital to remove [these drugs] from the streets."

In addition to the arrest warrants, Chitwood says the suspect’s bank accounts will be frozen, and property they believe was purchased with illegally obtained money will be confiscated.

"We might not get you today, but we're going to get you sooner or later," Chitwood said. 

More information about the suspects is expected to be released soon.