Seminole County to offer $20K in rebates for toilets

Seminole County is using a $10,000 grant to renew a program that gives homeowners or businesses a rebate if they buy a low flow toilet. County Chairman Brenda Carey says the rebate program has been popular.

"If you have a house or a commercial building that has water hog toilets in there, you can apply to get a water saver. We've had this program actually a couple of years, and it's done quite well."

Chairman Carey says 939 rebates of $100 have been handed out over the past two years.

"It is working. It's part of our water conservation program and I think that it is a great opportunity for people that need to replace their toilets anyway to be encouraged to use the water saver toilets."

Carey pointed out that there are more than 18 thousand homes in Seminole County that were built before water saving rules were put in place by the federal government that could be eligible for a rebate.

"Not only just houses but a lot of commercial facilities that were built before 1993 when water saver devices were required."

The County estimates they have saved more than 7 million gallons of potable water in the last two years because people opted to make the switch to lower flow toilets. To find out more information on how to get a rebate for replacing your toilet click here.