Seminole County prepares to protect residents in case of storm

Seminole County agencies are preparing to protect you in case of a storm.

"We’ve developed a plan," Seminole County Emergency Manager Alan Harris said. "We’re exercising that plan and we’re practicing that plan. We’re going to identify the gaps. We’ve already started to see a few gaps. We’re going to fill those gaps before a hurricane approaches."

Every year, members from the fire department, the sheriff's office, emergency management and other agencies get together for a hurricane exercise. They act as if a storm is in the area and simulate emergency calls to practice their response to them.

"We bring them all to one central location so that when there is a need out in the community we have one person to answer the call and send the resources to where the need is in the community," Seminole County Fire Chief Otto Drozd said.

While the staff practices its role during a storm, first responders are also reminding families to get their hurricane plan in place.

"We’ve been encouraging them to do their own personal kits, how to shelter their own homes, where they can send their kids if they have to be at work," Drozd said.

They want residents to sign up for Alert Seminole so the county can send you texts, calls and emails related to the storm.

You can sign up for that by clicking here.

The county also has a Virtual Hurricane Expo that residents can get more information from.