Search resumes for Titusville woman, missing since 2007

At first, Ray Gantt and his wife didn't think much about the bustling police activity they saw while driving down Gilbert Street in Titusville on Wednesday afternoon.  "I just passed by, and they stopped me on the road and told me that they think they found my sister. That's why we turned around and came back," said Gantt.  His sister, Tisa Gantt, vanished without a trace in 2007 at the age of 37.

Crime scene investigators on Wednesday dug up a corner of the backyard of a vacant home after receiving a tip that the woman might be buried here.  After several hours of digging in a 100-square-foot corner of this home, detectives found no body or evidence suggesting a body had been buried there.  "My sister was a sweetheart, and we took care of her," Gantt said.  "I'm upset about it."   

It's been an emotional roller coaster for the family since Gantt disappeared.  Several times over the past five years, police have acted on similar tips that required them to scan the ground with sonar, or excavate a backyard. The family keeps hoping one of these days, the search for Tisa will end.  "And we can put her where my mother is buried," Gantt explained.