Santa's home listed on Zillow

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Zillow announced that one of the most famous homes in the world – Santa Claus’ North Pole house – is now listed on the popular real estate website.

With a “Zestimate” home value of $656, 957, Santa's home is one of the most valuable residential properties in the Arctic. 

Zillow was able to calculate a special “Zestimate” value for Santa's one-of-a-kind house using comparable homes in remote locations and applying a “Santa premium.”

The home has never been sold and is not on the market.

Santa Claus' log cabin has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and measures 2,500 square feet, about 1,000 square feet larger than the average U.S. home. It sits on a unique, 25-acre lot in the North Pole and features a river rock fireplace, a gourmet kitchen and a wood-burning stove in one of the guest suites.

"Santa's home in the North Pole is one of the most famous homes in the world, so we're thrilled it's now on Zillow," said Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Wacksman. "Millions of kids are looking forward to a visit from Santa this year, and now they have the opportunity to virtually visit Santa's house themselves."

To see Santa's home, type "Santa's house" into the search bar on Visitors can flip through a photo gallery of the home and watch a video walkthrough to get a sense of the home's flow.

Zillow forecasts that Santa's home will appreciate 2.2 percent over the next year, in line with forecasted home value growth in the United States.