Sanford restaurant owner to auction beloved motorcycle to keep business open

A favorite for foodies in Sanford may be forced to shut down if the business doesn't turn around, according to the owner.  

Shantell Williams says the pandemic and food prices due to inflation are putting the pinch on her restaurant Shantell's Just Until

Williams has been a staple in the Sanford food scene for nine years. Prior to the pandemic, her restaurant on Sanford Ave. was thriving, but now, times are tough.

A fighter at heart, she's not giving up. The devoted biker is raffling off her baby, her beloved Harley Davidson, to keep the doors open and her staff employed.

"In order to keep going I've got to do something drastic," she said.

Williams has ridden her bike all over the country. FOX 35 News even featured the vivacious biker as she went state to state.

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"It's almost my little persona, if you will, so a lot of people who know me know the bike."

Her business was starting to suffer back then, so she started a Go Fund Me account.  She said asking for help was not easy.

"This was not something I necessarily wanted to share," she explained. "In fact, I was a little ashamed to share it."

Williams is known for her generosity, and now she hopes the community will support her.

"I'm proud to go through this test and I look forward to having a great testimony thereafter."

Shantell's Just Until is located at 503 Sanford Ave, Sanford, FL 32771.  You can read more about the restaurant here.

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