Residents fuming as coal ash is expected to be dumped in landfill

Neighbors in Osceola County are fuming over a plan to dump 650-million pounds of coal ash in a landfill. On Monday, commissioners will answer questions for the first time regarding this issue.

As a result of a deal the commissioner previously made, 325,000 tons of coal ash from Puerto Rico is expected to be dumped at a private landfill southeast of St. Cloud. 

"Everything I'm reading says it has toxins in it, now the commissioners are saying it's non-hazardous, the mixed messages," concerned citizen Loret Thatcher told Fox 35. Loret leaves near the landfill and she is mad that the community was never included in the decision. "It was done last minute. I felt like they snuck it on the agenda and that's what I don't understand.

The state has already confirmed that the ash is safe and meets standards. Osceola County Commissioner Fred Hawkins Jr. told Fox 35 that "A lot of people are posting, 'this board doesn't care about this community by allowing this to come in.' We know that's not true, we would never allow something to come it we thought would harm our citizens."

On Monday morning, a representative from the landfill and a county commissioner will address the public's concern.