Rescuers help save baby foxes trapped under Florida home

Two local Sebastian homeowners didn’t know what was living under the home they own and rent out on Thornhill Lane.

After a neighbor brought a small hole to their attention, Joe and Julie Scozzari started to wonder.

That hole got even bigger. To protect their property, Joe Scozzari put dirt in front of the hole.

Soon after, their trail camera painted the full picture. A female fox frantically tried to dig the hole again, but shortly after a male fox also appeared.

The couple called nonprofit WILD Florida Rescue in Melbourne on Sunday.

The homeowners did not know there were three baby kits also living under their home. The tiny newborns were somewhere beneath, and mama and papa were pawing away, trying to frantically reach them.

After the Scozzaris called, volunteers Kim Seguin, Alice Hayes and Jasmine Keefe made it to their home. All three of them crawled into the burrow to save the foxes. They could hear the baby foxes but couldn’t reach them. So they let nature take its course. 

They widened the hole, and then the next night, the trail cam caught the mother and father fox returning to rescue their three babies.

After all was said and done, the couple set their camera back up to make sure no kits got left behind.

WILD Florida Rescue tells us foxes have become a common sight in the area west of U.S. 1, where new homes keep going in nearby, and foxes and others watch their den houses get displaced.

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