Sound of chair being thrown sparks false shooting rumors at Winter Springs High, school says

Winter Springs High School was placed on lockdown Thursday after a student apparently threw a chair against a trophy case and a window, which was mistaken to be the sound of a gunshot. Police responded to the school, along with parents concerned about their children, as rumors about a potential gunshot quickly sparked online.

Seminole County Public Schools and Seminole County Sheriff's Office said there was no shooting, and that an upset student had thrown a chair at a window, which created a "loud disturbance," and then the student ran away and outside of the school.

"The campus was immediately secured," the district said in a statement.

"It was pretty nerve racking. We were hearing noises from other classrooms. It was anxious. Was like scary," said student Benjamin Huber. He said he hid inside a closer after receiving an alert that the school was being in a "code red" lockdown.

He texted his mother, Vanessa, who came to the school as fast as she could. "It was very scary."

Vanessa said she prayed to keep her son safe and is glad the situation wasn't what was rumored. "It’s very much a relief. I’m sorry students have to go through this. It’s a different time now. And I’m just glad to have Winter Springs, the staff act so quickly."

Seminole County Sheriff's Office said the student was charged with violating his probation, criminal mischief, and disturbing a school function. According to the report, the student damaged a trophy case and a lobby window.