Raccoons dying in droves in Orlando Milk District neighborhood

Raccoons are dying in droves in Orlando Milk District resident's yards and pools, and the culprit could be poison.

One neighbor says she spotted four dead raccoons in her backyard. Bob Badalucco lives right next door to where those raccoons were found and says he too spotted a dead one just a couple days ago in his own backyard.

"We put two and two together and there was no trauma or blood…they were poisoned," says Badalucco.

We spoke to a trapper about these mysterious deaths, and he said these deaths appear to be consistent with poisoning.

One neighbor tells Fox 35 that she called critter control to remove the dead raccoons from her pool. Animal trapper, Bob Cross, says that’s what people should be doing to begin with.

"It’s against the law to leave poison out to kill raccoons out and if you leave poison out to kill raccoons, you’re going to kill cats, dogs, possums…any other animals that come along."

Neighbors say in the meantime, they will put out signs educating their fellow neighbors that putting out poison is illegal.