Quick-thinking Florida lifeguard pulls man from rough surf in Cocoa Beach

A Florida teenager became a lifesaver in a matter of seconds after he jumped into the ocean at a Brevard County beach when he saw a man struggling in the surf.

Matthew Lewis, 17, said all of his training prepares him for moments like this.  He was on patrol at Cocoa Beach earlier this week when he saw a man who was struggling to stay above the water. He quickly did what he is prepared to do, jumping into the ocean and swimming out to the man who appeared exhausted and overcome by the choppy waves. Lewis helped him safely get back to the shore.

"This time, I felt something was wrong.  I just kind of knew. I felt like my training, I decided, you know this dude is exhausted out there, and he's a little bit older. He was outside the lifeguard area, so I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna go in!' and it was good that I went in, because he needed it," Lewis told FOX 35.

Lewis said the man was very grateful for his help. 

Safety officials say to always remember to swim in front of a lifeguard.