Volusia County poll workers hold recount as state house seat race 'too close to call'

Poll workers were back at the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections office in DeLand after the state ordered a recount for two races. 

"The House District 29 race is separated by 26 votes right now. It’s a .18% difference," said supervisor Lisa Lewis. 

The right race is between Webster Barnaby and Elizabeth Fetterhoff, both Republicans. Redistricting left the candidates fighting for the same seat for Florida House District 29. 

"Whenever the lines were redrawn it put these two that were in separate districts before now in the same district," explained Lewis.

Both of the candidates were in the room, watching the recount, a process Lewis anticipated would take much of the day.

"It does take quite a while to run all the ballots back through," she said. 

The state also ordered a recount for a Ponce Inlet race. Lewis said Town Council Seat 4 is separated by six votes. 

"It’s tight which means people are out and involved, and they are voting," she said. 

Lewis said once staff completes the machine recount, she will send the results to the state. It will decide if her team needs to recount manually.