Police: Man inappropriately touching himself prompts investigation near Boone High School

Orlando police are investigating after two disturbing incidents near Boone High School.

On Tuesday, police said a female student was walking home near Delaney Avenue and Harding Street around 2:30 p.m. when a man in his 40s in a white pick-up truck asked her for directions.

The student said the man asked her twice, making her feel uncomfortable. The student then told police the stranger asked her to come with him. Police said the girl quickly walked away.

Thirty minutes later, police said another girl was approached by a man who was inappropriately touching himself in his vehicle. The student told police the man stopped and asked her for directions to the school. When the girl approached the vehicle, she noticed the man was performing a sex act.

Police said both incidents were reported to police several hours after they happened. Orlando police are urging people to report incidents immediately, saying it could stop someone else from potentially becoming a victim.

Officers are working to see if the two incidents are connected. They are also working with the victim in the first incident to possible create a sketch of the suspect. Police are checking the area to see if any cameras caught video of the incidents.

In light of these incidents, Orange County Public Schools is reminding parents to talk with their children about stranger danger and remind them to be aware of their surroundings. The school system is also encouraging students to walk in pairs or in groups when coming to and from school or the bus stop.

Students can report anything suspicious to the school, on the Fortify Florida app or by calling the Speak Out Hotline at 1800-423-TIPS.