Performance Resort planned for Lake Nona, features crystal-clear lagoon and much more

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The Tavistock Development Company, a real estate firm owned by Tavistock Group, announced Thursday that they are planning to build an iconic performance resort and space in Lake Nona. 

Miami-based architecture firm, Arquitectonica is reportedly designing the Lake Nona Resort, which should break ground in 2018 and open in 2020.

They say that Lake Nona Resort will be located just steps away from the new USTA National campus, which is the world's largest tennis campus with 100 courts. 

The building will reportedly be eight-stories and cutting edge. There will be top-tier amenities, including 20,000 square feet of meeting space, a major fitness and space, a 120,000 square-foot beach volleyball venue, one of nation's largest manmade crystal clear lagoons, 250 custom-designed guestrooms, and 80 condominium units.

“With Orlando now approaching 70 million annual visitors, it is a very competitive hotel market with many exceptional properties and operators,” said Tavistock Development Company President Jim Zboril. “Our focus is on sports and performance and we believe this is the first-of-its-kind performance-driven Resort created from scratch in the United States.  With our proximity to the airport, this facility will not only serve the Lake Nona community and our growing Sports and Performance District but will provide a unique addition to the Central Florida region. Lake Nona has become synonymous with innovation and wellbeing, and the creation of this iconic Resort highlights our dedication to building a holistic performance environment for residents, businesses and visitors.” 

Bernardo Fort-Brescia, principal of Arquitectonica, said that “The new Lake Nona Resort creates a gateway that announces arrival to one of the dramatic man-made water bodies anywhere." He went on to say that . “Water and glass interact; they perform together to create an unexpected yet memorable form in the landscape of Orlando's Lake Nona. The crystal lagoon creates a new geography that deserves a strong architectural response.  The building folds to create four facets that sinuously undulate in concert with the lagoon's organic edges. At its center, the building bridges over the lagoon forming a gateway into the long perspective of the lagoon as it fades into the horizon. The building skyline lowers at the roofline to create an open terrace overlooking the lake and the USTA tennis complex. It creates a delicate link between the two wings and frames the skies beyond.”

The resort, inspired by Lake Nona's mission statement, To create the ideal place that inspires human potential through innovative collaboration,’ will reportedly offer the highest level of performance and healthy living in an exceptional resort setting. It will appeal to people of all kinds -- athletes, business travelers, weekend warriors, families, etc.  

Every detail of the resort is said to be designed around optimizing key tenets of performance, including nutrition and recovery. 

Performance: The standard rooms are oversized, but about 450-square feet to allow extra space for stretching and fitness equipment. Television content, onsite programming, and classes will be designed around performance and well-being. Even quick-turn laundry will be available for those who need immediate service. Kids will not be left out, as there is an area designated with healthy activities for them. And finally, the resort also will have a 24-hour Technogym-equipped fitness facility and trails.

Nutrition: An onsite an onsite nutritionist will be available for all guests. Customized menus will offer pre- and post-workout recommendations. There will also be juice bars and sports drink stations. An onsite garden will provide the resort's chefs local produce.

Recovery: Resort rooms will have oversized beds with specialized fitness-designed mattresses, black-out shades, and circadian lighting features. There will also be recovery-focused locker rooms and amenities that rejuvenate from music and aromatherapy to the world-class spa.

The Tavistock Development Company says that a natural addition to their resort should really raise the bar on human performance and wellbeing. So, the resort will be joined by recent community anchors, including the USTA National Campus, KPMG's $400-million training and innovation center, and Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute.

“With the Lake Nona Resort, our players and visitors will have unparalleled amenities tailored to amplify their performance and overall experience at the USTA National Campus, from onsite nutritional support and equipment storage to watching streamed matches on their in-room TV,” said Gordon Smith, USTA Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer.

The crystal clear lagoon will reportedly encompass more than 15 acres, with the potential to expand to more than 20 acres, and will be lined with sandy beaches. The lagoon will be accessible to resort guests and members from the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. 

"Our partnership with Tavistock Development Company is based on a collective vision to create an environment fostering innovation, sustainability, wellbeing and an active lifestyle which our crystal clear lagoon will provide, further enhancing Lake Nona's reputation as a world-class development," said Kevin P. Morgan, Executive Vice President of Crystal Lagoons, US Corp. 

Finally, they say the resort will also have an expansive rooftop lounge and 20,000 square feet in meeting space, including an expansive ballroom designed to accommodate large groups, business meetings, weddings and other functions. There will be several restaurant options available,  both traditional and performance based. 

The Tavistock Development Company expects to welcome 100,000+ visitors annually.