Paying it Forward: Neighbors helping neighbors

Neighbors helping neighbors are the focus of this Pay it Forward story. 

The Kingdom Church in Orlando is giving away $1,000 a week for 40 weeks to help people in need.  Howard Reynolds was nominated by his neighbor Reginald Bonamy.   

“I was just stunned, basically speechless,” said Reynolds.   

Reynolds retired from his job as a surveyor two years ago.  He always hoped that after retirement he could work part-time doing something a little less strenuous. 

“Being a senior, people are reluctant to hire the elderly at this point, and of course a lot of people are out of work and looking for employment,” said Reynolds.

“Watching him for the last several years struggling to make ends meet and find employment, I thought how wonderful it would be to nominate him for a blessing.  Something that could just sustain him for a little bit,” said Bonamy.   

So Bonamy signed his neighbor up for the Pay It Forward Blessing at The Kingdom Church. 

“We realize a lot of people are struggling and we just want to be a light, sometimes it’s just meeting people at their greatest need.   We hope it creates a catalyst of generosity and we can be selfless and make a major difference,” said Pastor David Jacque from The Kingdom Church.  

So what’s Reynolds going to do with the money? 

“I’ve been wanting for so long to fix my fence.  That money is going to help me do that and I’m so appreciative,” said Reynolds. 

Neighbors looking out for each other, setting an example for us all. 

If you would like to nominate someone for the Blessing you can do it on The Kingdom Church of Orlando's website.  If you have a "Paying it Forward" story that you would like for us to cover, message LuAnne Sorrell on Facebook, or email us at