Pasadena single mom of 5 passes bar exam after graduating law school

“Never give up, do not give up." Ieshia Champs is a tireless inspiration to all Texas moms. Champs, a single mother to five children has achieved another milestone, passing the bar exam after graduating from law school with honors. Ieshia studied non-stop to achieve this latest top honor, and was elated over the news. 

"God allowed me to pass the bar exam!! Hallelujah God! All the glory belongs to You!!! Today God has ordained me: Attorney Ieshia N. Champs!!!!" 

When she graduated Thurgood Marshall School of Law from TSU earlier this year, Champs said it was her children who helped her make it happen. 

"From foster care to a high school dropout to jurist doctorate. I cannot believe it. The hardest part has been trying to maintain grades, maintain the information and then maintain trying to be a mother to my children.”

It has been a whirlwind of blessings since the photo was snapped and shared. Champs tells FOX 26 News the picture almost didn’t happen.

“I didn’t even want to participate in the photos, I was just that tired, I was like I wanted to sleep and my pastor at church said, 'No, you need to take them. It will give you the energy that you needed.'”

On top of the photo gaining national attention, Champs was thrust into the spotlight on the "Steve Harvey" show. Harvey gave her a life-changing graduation present -- a trip to Jamaica for her family and $10,000.

Battling the odds as a single mother to five children and going back to school, Champs thanks her family, her church and God for what she calls her greatest accomplishment. After receiving thousands of messages, she now serves as an inspiration for others to go back to school.

Congratulations, Ieshia!