Parents say fights are Orange County middle school a regular occurrence

Parents of students at one Orange County school say on-campus fighting has gotten out of hand.  

Orange County Public Schools confirmed to FOX 35 News that it is investigating reports of multiple fights at Apopka Memorial Middle School. Parents were recently notified by the school's principal of the incidents in a phone call.

"We had a couple of incidents between a few students that led to fights on and off campus. I want to let you know that these behaviors are unacceptable and will not be tolerated," said principal Lisa James. "Appropriate discipline was handed out according to the Code of Student Conduct for any student that lead or engaged in this disruptive behavior. Fighting is not consistent with our expectations and school culture."

Sarah Weihs, a parent of a 6th-grader at the school, showed us a video. In it, she said her daughter is walking to class when her friend next to her was allegedly attacked.

"Some kids came out of nowhere and pulled her friend down and dragged her by the hair," she explained.

Parents would like to see more done by the district to stop this and are demanding tougher discipline for the students starting the fights.

"We need to be holding kids more accountable for bullying. These are fights. One day one of our students is going to be dead at this school," Weihs added.