Parents of slain daughter promoting self-defense class

The parents of a woman who was murdered are now teaching other women the act of self-defense, in hopes of preventing other domestic violence tragedies.

Police say Markeith Lloyd killed Sade Dixon before he later gunned down an Orlando police officer.  Now, Sade's parents, Stephanie Dixon-Daniels and Ron Daniels, are hosting a self-defense class through a foundation named after their daughter,  Sade Dixon's Three Heart Beats Foundation.

"What to do when you're being beat on, getting choked on, simple moves to help save your life, so you can get away," Stephanie explained. "We're trying to help young ladies and young kids, learn how to defend themselves against bullying. As well as domestic violence. Get the confidence to stand up to their abusers."

They miss their daughter Sade, who was a loving mother of two and pregnant at the time of her death.

Ron says, "[She was] my daughter, but at the same time, she was my best friend. We did a lot of things together, work on cars, cut grass, fished. We did it all."

As accused gunman Markeith Lloyd gets ready to go to trial in the case, Stephanie and Ron hope to help others defend themselves.

"It means a lot because my daughter was a fighter."

The class takes place this Saturday at 3 p.m., at the Nugenesis Christian Worship Center on Lee Road.
Tickets are $15.  For more information email: