Osceola, Lake counties won’t offer hybrid learning next school year

The public school districts for Lake and Osceola counties on Wednesday announced they will remove the hybrid learning options for the 2021-2022 school year.

In a release, the Osceola County School District stated:

"Starting this upcoming August, parents will have two options for their students for next school year. The first option will be face-to-face, in-person learning at their home-zoned school or school of choice. The second option for those students who would like to learn virtually will be to enroll in Osceola Virtual School (OVS). OVS is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year at www.osceolaschools.net/ovss through July 16, 2021. Please note that for next school year we will no longer offer the option of digital learning in conjunction with your child’s school.  While we are anxiously looking forward, we are also committed to finishing out the last quarter of the school year strong. Superintendent Pace will continue to monitor any new developments to ensure our current plans, and those for next school year, protect the health and safety of our students and staff."

A spokesperson from Lake County Schools wrote:

"In Lake, we will continue with Lake CountyVirtual School, which was in place long before the pandemic. It is a separate school with its own teachers, and it offers full-time virtual instruction. We are keeping this option. We are not planning to continue with Lake Live, the virtual option we launched last year. LakeLive offers structured virtual learning that mirrors the traditional daily school schedule. Students stay enrolled in their home brick-and-mortar school and are taught by teachers from their enrolled school when possible."

The Volusia County School District has not determined yet what it will do with its hybrid learning program. Seminole County School District will decide at a work session on April 20, but said, "We will definitely still have face-to-face and our Seminole Virtual School available next year."