Osceola County alerts residents of rabies warning

Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are on the lookout for rabid coyotes, after two were spotted at a Kissimmee-area resort.  FWC said they are not placing traps, despite concerns about safety from residents.

Osceola Animal Services officers on Thursday were handing out warnings about possibly rabid coyotes.  Two were spotted in the daylight, so now they're going door to door, speaking to residents.

Three people were attacked by a rabid coyote, two of whom were bitten.  The same rabid coyote charging at Russ Moreira, who was seen in surveillance video defending himself during a coyote attack.

"I could see his eyes was really swollen and red and he kept looking at me," he said.

It was like the 'big bad wolf' appeared out of nowhere, so Moreira kicked the animal.

"He showed his teeth a little bit. The coyote could have rabies for sure."

Moreira, 38, is actually a veterinarian, and because of his training, he knew exactly what to do.

"You kick in the head, so you have more chances.  I have been kicked, I have been bit, I have been scratched by any type of animal."

He got away unharmed, but shortly after that, the two others were attacked.

Robin O'Donnell explained, "This coyote just jumped on me and latched on to the back of my leg!"

She suffered six puncture wounds, while a man who lives a few doors down was left with a bloody leg, after the same coyote attacked him.  O'Donnell's husband beat and tied-down the coyote.  The Osceola County Animal Services director said it later died.

Now, many are worried after seeing more coyotes roaming during the day.

"I told my people, run away, because those things are dangerous," Landscaper Santos Figoso said.