Orlo Vista residents worried about flooding from Dorian

Dianne Scott spent part of Wednesday stocking her utility room with sandbags.  She's doing what she can to keep her house dry if Hurricane Dorian makes it's way to Orlando.  

"I got them sitting there, going to put them out tomorrow.  I going to put 5 on the back and six on the front," Scott said. "We pray it don't hit, because Irma took us out.  It was scary."

Scott and her two young boys live in the Orange County neighborhood of Orlo Vista.  During Hurricane Irma, they woke up to water that was three feet high inside their home.  Firefighters helped evacuate the home.   

Orange County is now in the midst of an elaborate plan with federal funding from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to permanently fix the problem that caused this neighborhood to flood.

In the meantime, a county spokesperson said their public works department is working to prevent this from happening again.  Scott is noticing some of the work that's been done.  

"Putting pipes up under the ground and trying to get it clear enough the water can flow straight through, nothing in the way," she said.

The spokesperson also said county crews have installed a better skimmer to help divert debris away from the pumps to prevent blockages, made repairs to the intake grates, cut back trees on the channel leading into the pump station, and they are frequently testing the emergency generators for this system.  

Scott's praying that all works if Dorian hits.  She's still trying to fully recover from Hurricane Irma.  

"I need someone to go in and tear the whole wall down, you can still smell the mildew," said Scott.