Orlando weather: Sunshine, strong winds with chance of passing showers

Another breezy and comfortable Wednesday day lies ahead, with high temperatures in the upper 80s and a 40% chance for passing showers. 

Winds will blow from the east at 15-25 mph. This windy pattern will be with us all week, leading to dangerous rip currents and rough surf with 3 to 5-foot waves. It's recommended that you only swim in view of a lifeguard. You can credit the heat wave in the northeast for creating the pressure gradient needed to get this wind off the water. 

Ironically, considering the wind was born from a heatwave, it'll keep things here cooler than otherwise because it's blowing off the comparatively cooler Atlantic waters.

Tracking the Tropics

In the tropics, future Tropical Storm Alberto is brewing in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and will likely form later today.

As of Tuesday evening, it was only a "potential system," which is a classification that allows the National Hurricane Center to issue tropical watches and warnings "early," allowing ample time for folks impacted to prepare. 

They have issued a tropical storm warning from the Texas and Mexico border up to southeast Texas.

A Central American Gyre will spin little bits of energy into the Caribbean and Western Gulf, like mud flung off a tire, leading to yet ANOTHER system after Alberto in the same region of the Bay of Campeche – at a 20% chance.

Meanwhile, a weak Atlantic system in our region will enhance our Florida rain chances late in the week, especially north of Orlando where they need the rain.

The FOX 35 Storm Team does not expect it to form because an upper-level low pressure center interrupts its outflow and strong wind shear tears the system apart before it can form. 

As it tracks toward Florida on Thursday and Friday, it'll bring higher rain chances and may up local winds on the beaches from 20 mph to 30 mph with higher than normal tides and a little erosion, especially around Jacksonville.

Much of Central Florida needs the rain, so there will be benefits, though high rain chances will have us dodging the downpours for any outdoor activities.