Orlando police continue search for Brian Molina's killer after nearly 16 years

On a hot summer afternoon, Maria Molina got a call that jolted her right out of her office.

"The phone call, it was from my daughter, she told me, basically, she says ‘Mom, you need to get here right away,’" explained Molina.

It was June 22, 2006.

Molina rushed to the family’s Dover Circle duplex where her son, Brian, was living. She was met with a heavy police presence.

"I became kind of a little nervous and then someone came out to me because I was ready to enter the apartment, he didn’t let me go in," recalled Molina, "he said ‘let’s wait outside.’"

Officers shielded her from a horrific sight. Her only son was shot to death. Detective Mike Fields said the 27-year-old Molina’s murder seemed personal. He was shot multiple times to death.

"It was clear this was not a robbery," said Det. Fields,  "Brian had a substantial amount of money in the residence… they sprinkled it on the floor to show this was not a robbery, this was intended as a kill for Brian."

Brian’s 10-year-old daughter was feet away at the time of the ambush. She had run next door to play with a friend.

"Minutes later a few men came into the house and shot and killed Brian," said Det. Fields.

There was no DNA, no fingerprints. Det. Fields believes the suspects covered their faces and may have used gloves.

"The neighbors heard the gunshots, and they went out there to go check and saw a number of people running from the house and getting into a white car," said Det. Fields.


Police tell us Molina had a criminal record.  He was convicted of burglary, assault, and home invasion. He served six years in prison.

"It definitely could have played a role, was it retaliation for something he did or was it connected to something he was involved in, I don’t think we have all the information," explained the Orlando Police detective.

His family instead wants to focus on the fond memories, his talent, his paintings.

"He did a self-portrait… that particular artwork is called forgiveness… it took him about six months only because he was tired of looking in the mirror to draw himself," explained his mother.

Brian was a born-again Christian, he had two children, three sisters, and countless dreams.

"There were things he wanted to accomplish… he was about to take the test for being a broker… he got his certificate for personal training, he was already an artist," recalled Molina.

Now a family just left with memories.

Crimeline is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information that can lead to an arrest. If you have information, call 800-423-TIPS (8477).

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