Orlando passes moratorium on after hours clubs

The City of Orlando took its first vote for a moratorium on any new all night clubs. Until recently, there have not been any clubs in downtown Orlando that were open for all night dancing, but Mayor Buddy Dyer remembers the problems and reputation of Orlando when it was known for its rave scene.

"We did have some issues back in the 1990s so we thought it was prudent to have a temporary moratorium and assess whether this is something that we want to occur in our city or not."

The moratorium comes in part because of a club that has only been open for a month called Club Nokturnal on Amelia Street in downtown. Police Chief John Mina says so far so good with that operation.

"It has not been an issue so far. Really limited calls for service."

Now the Chief will appoint two members to a task force that will study all night clubs and come back with recommendations on how to regulate them. He also remembers the troubles when Orlando's rave scene was nationally known.

"A lot of overdoses, a lot of people maybe drinking too much."

While no one is allowed to sell alcohol after 2am in the city, Mayor Buddy Dyer wants to make sure a new party scene is not created before the city is ready.

"I know that Orange County does have after hour clubs that you bring your own bottle, so we just want to set up what type of rules we ought to have in place."

After unanimous approval from City Council, the city will take a 2nd vote next Monday on the moratorium. It would prevent any new club from opening, and the only existing club from expanding until next November, or when the city puts an ordinance with new rules in place.