Orlando FreeFall death: Attorneys for Tyre Sampson's family to file lawsuit soon

The attorneys for the family of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson say they plan to file a lawsuit in the coming weeks. 

Sampson fell to his death from the Orlando FreeFall ride at ICON Park nearly 2 weeks ago. 

Attorneys Ben Crump and Michael Haggard are representing the family. They say the ride's operations manual has a weight limit of 287 pounds, but there was no sign and no scale displayed for guests. 

Tyre Sampson

"There’s a metal detector so you don’t bring your phone on, but there’s no sign about weight and there’s no scale. How that’s not so much more important than a metal detector for a ride is kind of amazing," Haggard told reporters on Tuesday. 

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Crump and Haggard were at ICON Park on Tuesday to get a look at the ride. 

At one point, someone, possibly an inspector, was seen measuring each of the seats, which along with size, weight restrictions, and restraints have become focal points of the investigation from outside experts, lawmakers, and officials into the teen's death.

"We are doing a thorough investigation into the tragic killing of this 14-year-old child who should have never been killed. We believe this was completely preventable," Crump told reporters in brief remarks.

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Asked if there was anything that stood out to him during his investigation, Crump reiterated that he and his team were doing a thorough investigation and that they believed the teen's death was preventable.

"Other than George Floyd's tragic torture video, I think this is the worst tragedy captured on video that I've ever seen."

CONTINUING COVERAGE: Icon Park Death Investigation

It's not known when the investigation will be completed. The agency has hired a forensic engineering firm to assist with the investigation.

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