Orlando CEOs get drenched with huge bucket of water to raise money for ALS

The CEOs of various companies in Orlando gathered Thursday at a water park – and had hundreds of gallons of water dumped on them – to raise awareness and money for ALS.

The ALS Association Florida Chapter hosted the second "Orlando CEO Soak" at Island H2O water park in Kissimmee. Orlando Health professionals, CEOs, and business leaders – in suits and professional attire – waited as the bucket of water tipped over and soaked them in an effort to raise money for ALS. 

Their goal is to help fund advancement that would make ALS a livable disease by 2030.

ALS robs a person of their ability to walk, talk, eat and eventually breathe. The average life expectancy is two to five years and there is no known cure. The ALS Florida Chapter helps over 1,300 people living with ALS. 

Visit ALS.org for resources and ways to donate.