Orlando cat brutally killed by dog on the loose, owner devastated: 'It’s heartbreaking'

An Orlando woman lost her beloved cat after a dog on the loose killed her pet.

Connie West's cat was sitting on her front step when a Husky came out of nowhere, chased, and shook the cat violently, which killed it. Her neighbor's security camera caught it all on video.

"I’m watching TV and I see some sort of scuffling outside my door," said West. "I came out the door and I saw this dog over on the side of my property and he had his mouth on my cat."

According to Orange County Animal Control, an officer responded. The dog owner admitted that it was his pet and that his fence had been broken, which is how the dog was getting in and out.

"If you can an animal that’s dangerous it’s your responsibility. It’s not on the dog," said West. "He’s doing what he does. It’s on the owner to keep it contained."

West is devastated and frustrated.

"Pretty miserable it’s been a rough several days. Going to bed crying," West said. "It’s heartbreaking I had her for a very long time."

West's neighbor says Clemintine's loss is upsetting to many on the block.

"She was just the neighborhood cat that was kind to everyone," said neighbor Linda Reinders. "Just natural-born good neighbor we’re going to miss her."

Reinders is the neighborhood watch commander and says several people have seen this dog around chasing their pets, and they're worried someone else's will be next.

"That dog thinks cats are toys, if it gets out again, it’s going to get out again," said Reinders.