Orange County schools get ready for in-person classes

Get your kids' masks and hand sanitizer ready, Friday starts face-to-face classes for Orange County students who chose that option.

Orange County teachers were back in the classrooms, getting ready. A sign on a classroom door, let teachers and staff know the classroom has been sanitized. Orange County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Barbara Jenkins, said they were as ready as could be.

“Do we have a 100% guarantee that there will not be a single case? Absolutely not. Chances are, those entering the school may be COVID-positive and not even know it.”

On the school bus, masks and sanitizing start at the door. Buses themselves would also be cleaned. Students would sit one-per-seat, with plenty of ventilation.

“We'll have disposable face masks for any student who doesn't have one at the bus stop,” said Bill Wen, Orange County Transportation Director.

Sanitation staff said the custodians would also use technology like electro-static sprayers to keep the classrooms clean between classes.

“It's small, it's compact,” explained Kevin Ballinger, the district’s Sanitation Director, “but it allows you to disinfect an area more effectively throughout a shorter period of time, and less manpower.”

Officials said there was just one more thing they needed -- more rapid COVID testing.

“We need to have our fair share here, for our children, teachers, and all their families who are affected by this,” said Teresa Jacobs, the School Board President.

Schools officials say at this point, parents' choices were set as to what their students would be doing -- Virtual School, Launch-ED, or in-person classes. They say if parents have a pressing need to change this, they should check with their school's principal.