Orange County mayor recommends businesses require masks again

Orange County has seen an increase in cases and officials are recommending businesses start requiring masks again. 

While Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings cannot require businesses to mandate masks again, he’s recommending business owners voluntarily mandate masks. But, businesses say they’re worried it will cost them customers. 

According to state data, in Orange County on Friday, 730 people tested positive for COVID-19, 651 on Saturday and 570 on Sunday. 

Dr. Raul Pino says of those people none of them were vaccinated. 

"We are concerned, very concerned where things are," said Dr. Pino, as he described the uptick in cases. 

Mayor Demings says he’s calling on businesses to require masks again. 

"We ask our businesses to voluntarily comply with this recommendation, that you seriously consider requiring those who are patronizing your businesses in crowded spaces indoors to require your patrons to wear facial coverings," Mayor Demings said. 

But, this recommendation leaves some business owners confused. 

"Right now, I’m following every single rule from the CDC. I can’t follow CDC, plus the local government, plus the state government, federal. What is it? Just give me one rule to follow and I’ll follow," said Evan Dimov, the owner of Too Much Sauce in Orlando. 

Dimov says almost all of his staff are fully vaccinated and for the two who aren’t, they are required to wear a mask. He also asks customers who aren’t vaccinated to wear a mask too. He says he’s worried that requiring masks again would cost him business. 

"Some people might just not want to wear a mask and what am I going to do, lose those customers? I cannot afford to lose customers right now," Dimov said. "We came from a very tough year. We’re finally getting business going in the right direction."