Nurse helps save driver who crashed into her home

Surveillance video captured a nurse rescuing a man after he crashed into her home.

The incident happened on Thursday. 

Carmen Roman, a practicing nurse, said the mans minivan careened off the roadway, then hit her home. 

“I thought someone was parking in my house and all the sudden he just, 'boom!' Hit my house,” she said.

When she came out of her home, Roman said she saw the man unresponsive behind the wheel. 

“He has no pulse, no heartbeat,” she said.

Roman immediately began chest compressions. The man became responsive soon after. 

“I gave him 30 compressions. A couple of seconds after he came back alive,” Roman said.

The man was later seen walking in surveillance video. 

It’s unclear whether he will face charges for the crash. 

“It feels awesome. My kids are so proud, they’re like ‘momma’s a hero!’” She said. “If I’m in the moment, and I know I can do something, I will react. Like I said, I just love to help people,” Roman said.