North Carolina woman wears 'Buzz Lightyear' helmet to grocery store

Kelly Hogan Painter’s husband said she couldn’t go to the store in Stallings, North Carolina, on April 4 because they had no masks at home — so she donned a Buzz Lightyear toy helmet and proceeded anyway.

“So when your husband bets you…. Well first he tells you that you can’t go to the store without a mask, and then you tell him that it was recommended and not necessary, and then he tells you you can’t go get food for your kids because we have no masks in the house…. So you supply the mask,” says Painter, pushing the button to lower the helmet’s face mask. “I’m going in.”

Once inside the store Painter said she wanted to try to capture the reactions of other shoppers, but was wary of anyone getting too close. At least one person asked if they could take a photo.

“Share the smiles!” Painter said after posing.