New Disney app aims to 'gamify' waiting in line at parks

Walt Disney World's theme parks are among the most popular on earth. Millions of people visit them every year. With the crush of crowds sometimes comes long lines for rides and other attractions.

However, Disney's digital designers have something new and they say it will "turn wait time into play time."

"We're not looking for a face down into the phone type of experience. It's really about family game night." says Eric Bautista, Director of Digital Experiences for Disney Parks.

The Play Disney Parks mobile app has games, interactive experiences, trivia and even the sounds and music of the parks. Most elements of the smartphone app are designed to be used within the four Walt Disney World theme parks. Some of them are only available when you are in the queue for specific attractions. Those elements are actually themed around those attractions.

The app came is out now and available for Apple and Android devices.