New details released in double murder

New details were released by authorities on Tuesday, involving a local banker and her husband, accused of murdering a customer's daughter and grandson.

According to investigators, it all started when a 25-year-old banker at Chase Bank, met a 75-year-old customer named Jerry Stack. Officers say Amelia Bissoon and her husband Joshua Ramsawmy murdered Jerry's daughter, Cynthia Stack and her son Sean on July 18.

According to the arrest affidavit, they were trying to cover up a scheme to defraud Jerry out of $50,000.

Jerry says, "I just can't believe that anybody could do something like this for money. Kill my daughter and grandson. It's unfathomable."

Officers say, Jerry had told Bissoon he suffered a traumatic brain injury and she promised to help him with his finances. But instead she transferred his money into her son's account.

"I've had a brain injury, however I still have intelligence. And that's what it was she thought, I was a whatever."

Investigators say Cynthia realized her father's money was missing and planned to file a complaint. But shortly after that, she and her son were found shot to death in their apartment.

"Just before she got murdered, she was over here helping me."

Officers say, Ramsawmy told investigators that he purchased a handgun from a pawn shot and threw it into the water in Daytona. Investigators say, it's the same gun he used to shoot Cynthia and Sean.

Jerry says, "I'm sincerely grateful that they found out who did it."

And a spokesperson from Chase Bank apologized for what happened and says the stolen money has been placed back into Jerry's account. Bissoon was also fired from her job.