Neighbors split on new 1,200 lot RV park in Daytona Beach

The Daytona Beach City Commission voted to rezone a piece of land on the outskirts of town for Daytona Lakes RV Resort. The change will result in a major expansion of the original plans.

The park will cover roughly 353 acres of land. The latest decision from the city commission means it will have room for 1,200 RV sites as opposed to the original plan of 480. 61% of the property is scheduled to remain undeveloped, according to city officials. The plot of land is located between U.S. Highway 92 and Interstate 4.

Neighbors in the nearby Highridge Estates neighborhood are split on the new addition. Katherine Lortie said her main concern is how the construction will impact the animals. She said the neighborhood already has an issue with bears. She believes this new project could worsen that problem. Aside from those concerns, she is on board with the change.

"Building our local economy is important, so if it’s resort style, and it’s bringing in tourism, that’s going to be good for local business," she said. Others in the area shared similar thoughts. Mark Lane, however, is opposed to the development, as he said the city should prioritize infrastructure.

"Get us some drainage, some sidewalks out here, so we don’t have people getting run over," he said. "We’re out here, and we just get everything dumped on us, and it’s all for the benefit of the people in the city." He also expressed concerns about the impact on nature and wildlife.

According to the city commission, most of the property will remain undeveloped to account for that. There will be indoor and outdoor entertainment, a clubhouse for people to enjoy, and bodies of water for people to fish and recreate.

Daytona Beach attorney Glenn Storch represents the project’s developer Blue Coral Properties Inc. He said the park be great for the area, as it will bring business and connect people.

The project will take at least two years to complete.