NCSO deputy finds $453k of meth hidden in Mother's Day gift during traffic stop

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A traffic stop on a vehicle in northeastern Arizona led a Navajo County Sheriff's deputy to find 10 pounds of methamphetamine and a half pound of cocaine.

"Upon speaking to the occupants inside the vehicle, the deputy suspected they may be involved in criminal activity. A drug detection canine was used on the vehicle and positively alerted to the odor of illegal drugs on the vehicle," stated NCSO's Susan Batson.

The deputy found the meth hidden inside a wrapped Mother's Day gift while searching the vehicle.

Alejandro Luiz Ruiz and Jasmine Bustamonte Castro were arrested and booked into the Navajo County jail.

The meth has a street value of $453,000 and the cocaine is valued at $16,800.

Sheriff “K.C” Clark stated, “Drug smugglers try all kinds of stupid ploys to smuggle illegal contraband, including gift wrapped presents!  The only thing these gifts are going to bring to these defendants is a lengthy jail stay."

Ruiz and Castro could face multiple charges related to illegal drug trafficking.