NASA, SpaceX prepare for 2nd crew flight on commercial spacecraft

"We are ready and we are excited to fly," said Crew Dragon Pilot Megan McArthur. 
NASA introduced the second crew flight of its commercial spacecraft on Monday, as it prepares to send another round of astronauts to the International Space Station to conduct more research.
"Just a year ago, we were in the same spot looking at launching our first astronauts, Bob and Doug. It is crazy to think here we are getting ready for our third flight, and here at SpaceX, we have at least a couple dozen astronauts at any given point in time," said Benji Reed, the senior director of human spaceflight programs. 
The mission will be an international one. Nasa’s SpaceX Crew-2 mission will carry NASA astronauts, along with one from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and European Space Agency.
"We have reached that level when we are almost ready to fly. There are a few finishing touches to put on the crew. We cannot wait to start getting to work," said Thomas Pesquet, a mission specialist. 
"We are going to do our very best to represent NASA and ESA and JAXA and SpaceX and the International Space Station. So hopefully, by just our actions and the way we are professional, and we have a good time as well, that will translate into some kind of inspiration from somebody," said astronaut Shane Kimbrough.
The mission is scheduled to launch no earlier than April 20 from Nasa's Kennedy Space Center.