NASA administrator wants to send people to the moon and 'stay' there

NASA's new administrator, Jim Bridenstine, is in Orlando to discuss his hope to make another 'giant leap for mankind.'

As the keynote speaker for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Forum, Bridenstine had a lot to say about where NASA has been, his plans for the future, and what has a lot of people talking.

Bridenstine's focus is implementing President Trump's 'Space Policy Directive,' which states that NASA will lead to a return to the moon sustainably. He says that "This isn't gonna be done like Apollo. It's not gonna be flags and footprints, and then after 6 missions, 12 people walked on the surface of the moon, we came home and we never went back. He wants us to go sustainably, in other words, this time when we go, we're going to stay."

Bridenstine says that this will only be accomplished through reusability of rockets though because that brings the cost of space access way down. 

Bridenstine also says that this will be achieved over the next ten years through a team effort of international and commercial partners.