Mural stirring debate in Pine Hills

A new mural is igniting controversy in one Orlando neighborhood. 

It’s located on the exterior wall of the TRS business at the intersection of Silver Star Road and Powers Drive in Pine Hills. 

Some like the wall art, other’s downright hate it, according to the business owner. 

The issue made it all the way to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners Tuesday.

The owner of the property, Randy Summers, provided the canvas for 15 local artists, one as young as 6 years old. 

They each had their own space on the wall to display their art. 

Some residents, however, are complaining that portions of the mural are ugly and hurt the area’s appeal.

“I understand their concerns. They don’t want to devalue their neighborhood or their homes, or whatever, and neither do I. This is my home. I’ve lived here 20 years, so for me, it’s an opportunity to improve the neighborhood, not degrade it,” said Summers, vice president of TRS.

County leaders discussed the issue on Tuesday, saying there currently are no set guidelines or standards for art around the Orange County, with the exception of obscenity and profanity. 

It’s something District 6 Commissioner Victoria Siplin says the county is currently studying and may change.

Summers will be allowing the community to vote on 10 murals to stay. The remaining five will be repainted by other artists. 

He says if people don’t like one, they should voice their dislike by voting against it.