More Volusia County parents react to alleged fights in district, say more needs to be done

Parents have been left stunned after a video surfaced of an alleged violent fight at New Smyrna Middle School. The video appears to show one student pulling another student to the ground by her hair then punching and stomping on her head before kicking her in the back.

The imagery hit a little too close to home for Kelly who asked that we not show her face. She claims her daughter had been bullied at the middle school too.  She said, "My daughter came home crying, she went to school crying. And it defeats you as a parent because you don’t know how to keep your child safe." Kelly says she grew tired and pulled her daughter out of the school using a Hope scholarship, which allows parents of children in public school to find a new school for their child who is being bullied or a victim of violence. 

New Smyrna Beach Police Department confirms two students have been arrested at New Smyrna Middle School this school year. 

FOX 35 News reached out to Volusia County Schools for comment about the alleged fighting. A spokesperson with the district responded, saying, "School administration followed safety measures in responding to an altercation at New Smyrna Beach Middle School last week between two students. 

The administration is working in conjunction with law enforcement as they investigate the incident. 

The safety and security of students and staff continue to be the top priority of Volusia County Schools (VCS). 

Physical altercations and inappropriate behaviors of any kind are not tolerated, and responsible students are disciplined to the full extent of the Code of Student Conduct. 

As VCS continues to promote safety measures, we also encourage parents to foster positive behaviors and attitudes in their students to help ensure the safety of all."

Kelly reacted, saying,"It’s complete crap. I can tell you that with complete honesty." She continued, "A child is going to be seriously maimed, disabled, or killed at that school before they finally take it seriously."

Another parent of a current student at the middle school says at this point she believes the district administration needs to intervene, "I think Volusia County School Board needs to go in there and assess the situation and administration and maybe do a complete alteration of how that school functions."