Massive alligator crosses through middle of Seffner intersection

A Seffner woman said she had to socially distance herself and her dog from a massive alligator as it came straight at her on the corner of MLK Boulevard and Williams Road Sunday.

Francis Scott was in the car with her dog, Chloe when she noticed the giant gator lumbering across the intersection. 

She says she wasn’t afraid of the alligator when she first started recording — but then it turned toward her and started walking her way.

"Oh my God, it's coming for me!" Scott can be heard yelling in the video, with Chloe barking furiously at the giant beast.

Scott said she thinks the dog’s persistent barking is what convinced the gator to turn away and go in another direction. 

The video appears to end abruptly, but Scott said she had to focus on getting out of the gator's way.

She said the alligator safely made it across the intersection.