Man throws birthday party for 3-month-old pothole

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A Missouri man who was fed up with the city not fixing the large pothole on his street hoped a Facebook post would help change things.

Frank Sereno says that a  2-feet-wide, 3-inch-deep pothole had been on his street in Kansas City for three months. Despite making repeated requests to the city since March to fix it, nothing was done. 

That's when Sereno decided it was time to sarcastically celebrate the pothole's presence. He took a slice of cake, lit a candle, placed it in the pothole, and threw a birthday party!

"Fellow Waldo neighbors: Please help me celebrate the 3rd (month) birthday of this pothole I reported back in March yet is still not repaired," Sereno wrote in a now viral Facebook post. "Enjoy your delicious Waldo Price Chopper cake, pothole!"

Two days later, Sereno tells Fox 35 that the public works department filled the pothole that was about 100 yards from his house. 

Now that the pothole is patched, Sereno says that he plans to throw a real party with his neighbors to celebrate the victory.

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