Man revived after being clinically dead for more than 45 minute

A Lake County man, who was clinically dead for more than 45 minutes, got to thank the rescuers who saved him. Shabiah Gordon on Wednesday embraced the paramedics who revived him.

"It's just awesome!" he said.

It was back in February when the 39-year-old father went into cardiac arrest.

"I was thinking the worst, because he wasn't responding to me, he wasn't moving," said Gordon's wife, Rosa.

She called 911, and soon, a team of six paramedics arrived. They took turns performing CPR on Shabiah for 45 minutes, longer than usual. 

"We as a team made the decision to stay on scene, over double what a normal code would be worked," said Lake County Paramedic Jacob Gault​​​​​.

"I remember looking at Jake and one of us said it, we just felt we're not gonna lose this guy," said Clermont paramedic Blake McCorkle. 

Rosa also did everything she could.

"We were praying everything, that God would just open his eyes and wake him up," she said. 

Shabiah added, "When this was happening, and I was in a coma, I actually kept hearing people praying and praying. And I think that helped me to get up."

During prayers, rescuers revived Shabiah.

"I just remember getting a pulse back, being very excited. But also scared we would lose it," Shabiah said.

Rosa was also happy.

"Seeing him open his eyes was just like a miracle to me. So we just started jumping around, started praying and thanking God," she said.

Shabiah doesn't remember anything during the time his heart stopped beating, but will never forget the men who saved him.

"I'm just thankful and thank God for you guys to have the courage to not give up on me and be there on one accord."

Experts say there's only 12 percent survival rate from cardiac arrest.

"I couldn't believe it. It's a miracle to me, I couldn't believe it myself."

He said he has been spending more quality time with his family.

"Take them to do things while I'm here."

Rosa has some advice for others in the same situation, adding, "Stay strong, trust in God."

Shabiah and his family have started a GoFundMe page as Shabiah is now unemployed due to his injuries.