Man convicted in fatal DUI sentenced to 10 years

A Deltona man who hit and killed another driver on Interstate 4 was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Wednesday.  Adam Devine, 32, was convicted of DUI manslaughter after prosecutors said he ran into the back of a car driven by Peter Kilan, killing him.

In August 2013, the 58-year-old Kilan was coming home from his job as a boat captain at Walt Disney World, when around 2 a.m., he was struck by Devine's car.  Kilan was forced into a ditch by the impact. 

One by one, friends and relatives of Devine pleaded with the judge to shorten his sentence to four year.  Devine sat alone in the courtroom jury box, weeping throughout the hearing. 

"At this time, as to the charge of DUI manslaughter, adjudicate to guilty -- 124.5 months in the Department of Corrections," said an unsympathetic Circuit Judge Marlene Alva.  

This is second time Devine was arrested for DUI.  He was first arrested in 2008, but the charge was dismissed after he completed a required rehabilitation program.  

Kilan is survived by his wife, two adult children and grandchildren.