Man catches carp in flooded Watsonville road

The rains in California this winter have been punishing, flooding homes and washing away streets.

But this weekend, the high waters yielded some laughs – and maybe even a meal for a man stuck in traffic on College Road in Watsonville. 

Danielle Garcia shot video of a man catching a carp in the middle of the residential neighborhood. The water on the street was more than ankle high. 

"He just caught a fish on College Road," Garcia is heard laughing on the video she took on Saturday. "He's going to have dinner tonight. It was just swimming across the road." 

In an interview on Tuesday, Garcia said all the traffic had stopped because no one wanted to run the fish over. Then she saw the man grabbing at the slippery carp.

"I need to film this," she said.

Apparently, Kelly Lake, stocked with fish by the local rod and gun club, had spilled out and the carp had escaped into the neighborhood.

She said people were fishing there all day. 

Also nearby, Drew Lake is also overflowing and seeping into her neighbors' homes.

She said she's working with officials to get the water pumped out.

"I'm hoping they will get to that soon," she said.