Man breaks into woman's Daytona Beach home, assaults her, after she declines to buy his phone: Police

Daytona Beach police are searching for a man who allegedly broke into a woman's home after she declined to purchase a phone from him, police said. 

The woman initially met the man selling the phone through an online marketplace, where she invited him to come to her home. When he arrived, she decided not to purchase the phone. 

He then broke into her home, stole $500 cash from her and physically assaulted the woman before leaving, police said. 

The suspect is described as a Black male who is about 20 years old. 

Police are reminding residents in the area about precautions they can take when selling or buying items on an online marketplace. They urge residents to meet at a designated safe exchange locations like the Daytona Beach Police Department. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the police department at 386-671-5200.