Man arrested for string of attempted burglaries in Orlando, police say

A man was arrested for trying to break into several homes and vehicles in Orlando, police said. 

At about 12:45 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Orlando Police Department responded to several 911 calls in the East Central Blvd area, as many residents reported seeing a man trying to break into their homes. 

Police said Joshua Alexis Coronado Torres, 28, was caught on several home security cameras while trying to weasel his way into multiple houses.

Joshua Alexis Coronado Torres was arrested on multiple counts of burglary charges. (Courtesy of the Orlando Police Department)

In the tweet, investigators said Torres could be seen trying to use an unidentified object to pick the locks of different homes. In one clip, you hear a resident warn a suspect, "You've got 10 seconds!" scaring him off the property. 

According to police, they found Torres walking aimlessly with no shoes on before they finally arrested him.  He is now facing several counts of burglary charges.