Man accused of impersonating police officer

A man accused of impersonating an officer says it was all a misunderstanding and hopes to work things out.  Jonathan Shaddix, 30, stands outside his home, after being arrested for impersonating an officer.  He says it happened while he was working security for Glitz nightclub.

"I acted in good faith it was in the interest of everyone in the community and the public and I believe it was a misunderstanding here and I think there was confusion about my intentions."

According to the arrest report, Shaddix failed to stop at a red light along Universal Blvd on Friday night and crashed into a vehicle by Universal's bus loop. "The arrest happened because I was on Universal property and I struck a Universal van."

Investigators say, Shaddix told them, that he was chasing a vehicle, that may have hit another security officer and car, when he crashed into a different van.  "Yes I did try to catch up to this vehicle as it fled, because I was trying to get a license plate."

However, when police went to the club to question the other guard, that person told them that nothing had happened. But Shaddix says, the wrong security guard was questioned. The arrest report states, that Shaddix engaged, in a high speed pursuit with emergency lights and sirens activated. And had a blatant disregard for traffic lights. According to investigators, Shaddix also had a thin blue line sticker, on his rear bumper, as well as a support law enforcement license plate. "I just wish a more thorough investigation had been completed." Shaddiz believes the suspects in the car may have been involved in a shooting the same night at the club.

While Orlando Police weren't available to comment on the case, they plan to pull surveillance to find out what really happened.  "I wish it hadn't had happened, I'm sorry that it happened. But I was working in the best interest in the community."

Shaddick says he plans to fight the charges.