Majory Stoneman Douglas panel to meet again to further discuss school safety

Speaking of the Parkland shooting, the governor's commission on school safety is making some controversial decisions.

After meeting on Wednesday, the Majory Stoneman Douglas panel will meet again on Thursday.

Last meeting, it was recommended that teachers should carry guns on campus. The panel voted 13 to 1 to commend the legislature to allow teachers to be armed. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri are two of the big voices backing the idea.

The commission says that teachers would have to undergo extensive background checks and training. 

Other suggestions made during the commission's meeting were more funding for school security, creating a permanent body to oversee school security, locking buildings and classrooms during school hours, and suggesting that districts have a code red procedure in place. 

The commission also recommends that all schools have just one point of entry. This would allow law enforcement to monitor all camera systems live.

These are all just recommendations as of right now and will need to be decided on by Florida state lawmakers. 

This story was written from Orlando, Florida.